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Carrot leaves

Taken from my kitchen to yours!

I am a foodie. I enjoy healthy tasty meals. One thing I have learnt is that you do not have to eat unhealthy overly greasy food to enjoy food. Healthy food doesn’t taste bad, you are just not preparing it well. You do not have to cut out anything just eat in moderation.

There is a time when I went through a traumatic situation in my life. One of the things that made me heal were healthy tasty whole foods. I would cook. Cooking is something I looked forward to and still do. Even, if you stay by yourself, when you cook, you do not feel alone anymore. Cooking healthy tasty meals gave me courage to face my problems. You do not have to be dramatic or look for fancy ingredients. Cook what is in season. Eat the fruits and vegetables in season, try out new things.

I was recently in a super market that has fresh farm produce. As I was doing my weekly groceries I saw a big batch of carrots with fresh green lengthy leaves. They were organic. At first I wanted to throw away the carrot leaves and then I did some research to see if carrot leaves are edible. When I discovered they are, I scanned through my vegetable rake at home, the belle peppers, onions, tomatoes were standing out, and of course the carrots and the carrot leaves.

To make this recipe you need a good non stick pan some olive oil. I stir fried my onions, I took two, then added some garlic, belle peppers and my carrots because I like them chunky. I then added the carrot leaves.

Before the veggies,I took a few slices of a French saucisson/ sausage you can use small slices of chicken breasts or skip the meat and stir fried it. Removed them. I didn’t put oil in the meat as it already it has natural oils. It’s upto you.

After stir frying for about 15- 20 minutes my dish was ready. You can eat it with pasta, or rice, sweetpotatoes and you are going to enjoy. When it’s done you can add some lemon juice or make a dressing of your choice.

I didn’t put salt as saucisons are salty. I put diced tomatoes at the end and didn’t overcook them. I ate with pasta and it was a treat!

Carrot leaves are so healthy, and I look forward to making more recipes with them, even pestos!!



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