Social Media Detox

# The Detox Series

So, I am going to be taking you through a series of reads where I am going to challenge you to detox from things you could be addicted to unknowingly so that you give yourself a balanced, healthy mind!

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We talk about detoxing our bodies and eating right. We also talk about fasting and how some people use it as a tool for refocusing on the faith of their choice, and how it helps them to connect with their spirituality.

One thing we can all agree on is that a detox, cleanse, fast of some sort ,a restrain of a certain thing has a certain effect on us. It makes us have a better perspective, a refreshed outlook. Taking a break from something helps us focus on other things. We discover new things about ourselves that we didn’t know. That is why even people in relationships sometimes say “hey! let’s take a break”

What if I told you that your mind, brain, needs to take a break from social media. Now, before you stop scrolling, hear me out! Being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and so on is great, you get to be connected to the world to your friends and family who live half way across the world. Disclaimer, the benefits of social media far outweigh the cons.

However, we need to be balanced and give ourselves the chance to be “in the present moment.” We need to give ourselves a chance to breathe, feel, experience life. We need to actually get out there and live life! We need to experience it and not scroll behind a screen. The joy of touching, hugging someone next to you, talking to them face to face is totally different from communicating via a screen. The feeling of having the sun touch your skin, breathing in fresh air, listening to the crisp leaves hitting against each other on a windy day is different from watching it in a movie.

Yes we all know the horrible epidemic Covid 19 has really hit us hard, but try your best to not become a couch potato living life through the screen, watching other people live their lives. You need to give yourself a day or two every month or fortnightly or even weekly that you take a break from social media.

Be in the present and live life with the people, fate has placed you with. Or even better discover yourself, get a hobby, find something to do whether it’s cooking, gardening having your fingers dipped in the mud, being around fresh green plants oh I am a nature freak! Or holding your pet caressing it, whatever it may be. Live life , you do not have to do anything “expensive” but be in the present. Even reading a novel can be insightful or a motivational book, or learn a new language.

Do not become a slave to social media. All the people you know whom you follow, know that if they were couch potatoes, you wouldn’t follow them! They are posting their life experiences , you too should create life experiences of your own. Be an explorer , unfraid. Start with the simple things take a walk,go for a swim, go sun bathing and reflect on your life. Find a hobby. Declutter your space, your appartment, your house, throw away or donante things that you don’t need anymore!

When you give yourself a day off from just scrolling aimlessly on the screen, you are going to be shocked by how productive you can be. Even your brain is going to get a boost!



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