We all need an Eat Pray Love journey

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Part 1: Eat

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This article, is going to be a two or three part series and so part 1 has been covered Eat.

A healthy chicken burger I made , I grinded the chicken with onions, garlic, ginger, belle peppers , even raddishes

During my first year in Europe, I had a “some what healthy” relationship with food. To maintain my ideal weight I ate breakfast which consisted of céréal and fruit, a slice or two of whole wheat bread with an egg and mayonaise, or sometimes I would ditch the bread. I skipped lunch or had an extremely light salad or a healthy thick drink, fruits and supper.

Well you may be wondering that there is nothing wrong with that. There is. I had a fear of eating lunch or consuming carbs during the day. I only consumed them once a day. Well I think you know that in French culture and in Italian culture lunch is a very important part of the day. Usually, people have two hours of lunch. Yes, two whole hours. To make it worse I had French friends and collegues who respected their lunch time.

Eventually I started eating lunch, I realised it’s not so much the eating of lunch that’s the problem, it’s what you are eating. Also eating lunch, and finishing my lunch with a yogurt made me snack less during the day. My days were filled with so much activity, that it was impossible to survive on a “health drink” like I had done before. Eating lunch, made me enjoy my day more. I looked forward to the break, it left me more energetic. I was indeed more productive. Even my brain felt more alive. It also made me more creative. I started exploring the local food and the fresh produce that was in season.

Surprisingly, I did not gain weight in fact I lost weight. Like, at the moment I go to the gym once or twice a week for an hour. I joined a contemporary dance class. Lunch stopped being my enemy. I realised “the not having lunch rule” used to cause weight fluctuations in me. Previously the moment I would eat lunch I would gain weight in a couple of weeks then I would stop go back to the no lunch or healthy shake rule but I no longer care. I am healthier. I have a rocking body but I know I have now obtained it by healthier means. At the current moment, I am actually slimmer because this weight thing has become more of a life style. I am now more active and I eat a lot more healthier than I used to.

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